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If you are one of the many who think Fredy Montero is lazy and/or can’t comprehend the value of Brad Evans, I’m concerned that you don’t understand what you are watching.

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Don’t know the plans for the March, but I’ll try to step away from my bronoodling to say hi to anyone I recognize. Go Sounders!

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David Estrada passed up full ride scholarship opportunities to be a walk-on at UCLA. After a major injury to a starter, he got more playing time and became the team’s leading scorer.

I’ve listened to four post-hattrick interviews (Sounders FC, S@H, KJR, Extra Time Radio) and every single time he makes sure to thank Fredy Montero, Alvaro Fernandez and Mauro Rosales.

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So Merritt Paulson basically said on his twitter that Cascadia away allotment is 750.

He also said something else that would bother me a lot if he were my club’s owner/president, but I digress.

elibify replied to your post: I love this rivalry.

Did something happen? ;o

Oh, forgot to tag I was on my iPad!

Watching Canucks and Blackhawks!

But if we are talking Cascadia, I love that rivalry, too!

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I love this rivalry.

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Unexplained Phenomenon of the Day: The city of Clintonville, Wisconsin, has been unable to explain a series of loud noises that started earlier this week and have occurred multiple times since.

The sounds have been described by locals as resembling “thunder, fireworks or someone slamming a heavy door.”

Officials have set up recording equipment in an effort to find the source of the “booming sounds” that have reportedly roused residents from their sleep. That effort has been unsuccessful thus far, as has every attempt to explain away the mystery with manmade causes.

City administrator Lisa Kuss said they have so far ruled out water, sewer, gas, landfill, military, and mining-related origins, as well as known geological phenomena.

vibration-detection devices, set to be installed by Friday, will be used to determine the clamor’s episcenter.

A city meeting has been called for 6 PM this evening. A Q&A session will be held, but Kuss has already acknowledged that there is no new information to disseminate at this time.

[fox11 / madison.]


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I can’t comment on the MLS site because I don’t have Facebook, AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail. Three of those options are awfully antiquated.

This is probably for the best, anyway.